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The history of the creation of the Holding and an interview with the founder of the Holding Rashidov Abubakir Gulyamkadyrovich (01.12.1961-01.03.2019) for the magazine dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Holding in 2016. It all started with attracting him to pharmaceutical activities, as a serious responsible person, as a director of a representative office of an English pharmaceutical company. Then in 1993-94, a historian by education and former activity, he did not even suspect that this direction would become the main one in his life. The ability to approach everything thoroughly, efficiency and excellent quality of learning new things led Abubakir Rashidov to the opening in 2002 of his company LLC “Novbahor-Savdo”.


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«Memory Pharm A.G» LLC is one of the most important divisions of «NAVBAHOR HOLDING» and is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical products in the Uzbek market. The history of the company begins in 1997, when “Navbahor” began its activities by supplying the population of the city of Tashkent with consumer goods and was called «Navbahor Savdo» LLC.


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We provide the current price list of LLC “NAVBAHOR EXCLUSIVE MRD“. For detailed information, please contact our managers. DOWNLOAD (size 489 KB)


The history of the pharmaceutical Holding “NAVBAHOR” dates back to February 2003 – it is a living example of hard work.

Over the course of a long time and intensive work, the profile of the Holding has expanded in the segment of the pharmaceutical industry, and began to cover work on the distribution of products of imported and domestic manufacturers throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan (LLC “MEMORY PHARM AG”).

Implementation of marketing and promotional work on the brands and on contractual services for the promotion of other products ( LLC «NAVBAHOR MARKETING R&D»)

The development of its own production, which was launched in 2019 (LLC”NAVBAHOR SANOAT”) – a full cycle of production of tableted and encapsulated forms of medicines.

And finally, for the full cycle of the pharmaceutical industry, its own pharmacy chain “NAVBAHOR” (LLC “NAVBAHOR APTEKA”) was launched and is developing.


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